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Wisor is a plug & play solution that provides a global automated quoting solution that allows freight forwarders to generate quotes and communicate with clients automatically

What took days now takes minutes

Wisor is specifically designed to support and simplify the complexity of generating quotes and handling customers. We use AI and NLP technologies to add flexibility, functionality and adapt to the ever-changing world of global trade.


Minimize the quoting response time to 2 minutes on average


Reduce overall costs by 15% and save 30% on administrative work


Give the best price possible by comparing all routes and tariffs

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Quote faster & close more deals

Quickly send error-free freight quotes to your customers & prospects based on your own rates, partnerships and templates

Combining technology and expertise to achieve business growth

Wisor combines artificial intelligence and years of logistic experience to handle your pricing needs, freeing your people to provide personalized customer service and grow your business

Make successful sales

Give your sales representatives and organisation the best environment and tools to be successful, we allow you to quickly and easily provide quotes to customers while you focus on service and personal contact

Wisor Magic

Improves efficiency

Let our solution automate repetitive tasks and free your people to do more meaningful work

Increase conversion rate

Decrease your response time and answer more quotes to close more deals

Improves revenue

Allow the pricing representative to handle and realize more business opportunities


Our solution speaks all languages and can convert any currency

Work 24/7

Wisor works around the clock answering clients at any time of the day

Seamless Workflow

No workflow changes required. We make your daily processes easy and automatic

How it works

Step 1
One-time integration
Wisor's solution easily integrates into your system, pricing and tariffs.
Step 1
Step 2
Email processing
The freight forwarder receives a quote request email and Wisor's tool processes it immediately. If data is missing from the request, an automatic response is sent back requesting the missing data.
Step 2
Step 3
Quote generation
The software will generate a quote using your pricing, tariffs and company protocols.
Step 3
Step 4
The tool prepares a response based on the template you choose. Once the information regarding the ground transport leg is acquired. Wisor can generate a final quote. You have the ability to send the response automatically or edit it before to add a personal touch.
Step 4

Your customer data and documents are safe with us

SSL Certified, encrypted, and secured on Google servers

Speed up your workflow by easily storing recurring shipment details and financial documentation in one place and share it with the parties that need them – all secured.

Frequently Asked Questions

About two weeks integration and you are ready to go!  

We know how to work with all existing formats and also work on API development directly with shipping companies and airlines so that your price lists will load directly to Wisor.

No time at all! Your employees do not have to do or change anything in the way they work.

Wisor locates in your price lists and sends you the 3 best options with or without  MARKUP as a default by your definition. In any case, you can change MARKUP or add your own commissions and comments. 

Both, Wisor integrates the customers database and shows their own unique prices and routes, while also showing alternative routes from Wisor’s proprietary database. 

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