Wisor Quotation Disclaimer

  • The responsibility for completing the shipment, payment, missing details (if any), transferring to operation and execution of the shipment is the freight forwarder in direct communication with the provider.
  • The “target price” is the total and last price charged by the freight forwarder without changes or deviations.
  • Wisor is a third-party provider that connects the parties but is not responsible for the booking of the place, price, operation or any other operational aspect.
  • General & Stackable cargo rate only – Unless otherwise indicated on above quotation.
  • Shipper is responsible for VGM, seal and export customs document
  • detention/demurrage/storage/courier and/or L/C Handling unless otherwise specified.
  • USD will be invoiced in EUR as per actual rate of exchange
  • Rates are subject to surcharges as they are valid at time of shipment
  • Irregular cargo- such as Dangerous Goods, over dimensions cargo, Art effects, High valued shipments, Personal effects, etc. are not included in the rate unless otherwise indicated, subject to final booking confirmation.
  • The Rates Does Not Include: Issue of licenses and permits, Taxes & duties, Port fees, Customs Physical Check, Storage if any, Portage ETC, rates do not apply to: storage, frozen goods, foodstuff, dangerous cargo, freighter material, perishable, etc. Also not included special services- such as Special equipment, Unsnuffing/stuffing, special pick up (Ramp, Crane, forklift, hydraulic trolley, lifting belts etc.), low-tide surcharge per outlay.
  • Storage and Demurrage not included, Demurrage For Special Equipment -(Open Top / FLAT / REEFER) – according to air/shipping Line’s Specific Decision.
  • Wooden Packages Must be fumigated.
  • Insurance is not included or per specific Request.
  • Waiting Times: included up to 2 Hours for FCL, 30 minutes for LCL and Air.
    Final charges are based on the actual/dimensional weight as weighed/measured.
    Inland Freight: Ratio- 1 CBM = 333 Kgs.
    Air Freight Ratio- 1:6 (As per Carrier’s calculation).
    Ocean Ratio- 1 CBM = 1000 KGS.
    Container Weight 20 FT – Up To 12 Tons / 20 FT – Above 12 Tons – Will Be Counted as A 40 FT / 40 FT/40HC – Up To 26 Tons/40HC– Up To 30 Tons.
    LCL rates- are based on Length Limitation of 2.60 Meter per Unit.
    For Longer Units, an over Length Charge will be Applied.


Our company works to regulate international shipping and serves only as a coordinating factor for logistics and maritime/land transport matters and is therefore not responsible for changes in the transport route and/or delay in transport and/or delays in arrival and/or delivery of cargo and/or damage/lack caused when the cargo is not in its possession. The company.

For any problem you can contact us by email at ben@wisor.ai or call +972-526059918.