10 best digital features for freight forwarders to better handle their supply chain rate management

-By Ofer Zeevy-

When creating price quotes for clients, freight forwarders often face the daunting task of sorting through countless data points. As clients demand to swiftly receive the “best-price, shortest-route” proposals, forwarders find themselves wishing for more efficient tools to streamline their work.

Incorporating a digital platform can alleviate many of these challenges for freight forwarders. Within a comprehensive platform, they can not only generate optimal quotes but also effectively manage the entire door-to-door supply chain cycle.

The top ten digital features include:

1. Optimal price display

Centralizing all price details from multiple suppliers for each leg of every route enables the freight forwarder to issue the most optimal price quote to the shipper.

2. Automated rate updates

Cargo price rates, influenced by various factors, can fluctuate daily. When the platform automatically updates these changes, including packing, documentation, tariffs, and surcharges, the freight forwarder gains a comprehensive and precise understanding of pricing. Subsequently, they can issue the most updated quote to the client.

3. Pre/on carriage calculation

An automated calculation for Per/on carriages loading can be particularly beneficial, especially in markets where manual calculation proves to be complex and confusing.

4. Customized and branded quotes

A freight forwarder can differentiate itself from competitors by providing clients with personalized, tailored, and branded quotes. Using a digital rate management system allows the freight forwarder to incorporate their logo, special features, and design, resulting in a branded and highly customized quote.

5. Fast quotation and comparison

With all data points updated in a single digital platform, freight forwarders can quickly and effortlessly compare the information, enabling them to present the shipper with the optimal quote.

6. Increase in quote-generating pace

A digital platform enables freight forwarders to issue quotes faster, saving time and effort for both themselves and their clients.

7. Have the entire data all in one place

Centralizing all price and route components in one place facilitates control over current and past information, improving the freight forwarder’s management of the entire freight process.

8. Reports

A digital platform provides various reports, aiding freight forwarders in effectively managing their entire activities.

9. Easier overview of past activities

The digital platform saves all data, establishing an archive of past quotes for easy reference.

10. Enhanced customer experience

Employing a digital platform enables shippers to receive superior service from their freight forwarders. From expedited quote generation to enhanced management and tracking of routes, the entire door-to-door cycle benefits from improved efficiency and supervision.

Wisor AI's digital platform helps freight forwarders improve their services

As global supply-chain management grows increasingly complex and shippers expect to receive the best quotes, Freight forwarders are in search of more advanced solutions to enhance their business operations.

By employing a comprehensive digital rate management platform, freight forwarders can efficiently manage the entire route cycle for shippers.

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