We use AI to put people in the center

At Wisor we are moving the global trade industry into the future by providing a revolutionary one-stop-shop solution.

About us

Global commerce in the digital era is accelerating at record speed and – until now – the shipping industry hasn’t kept pace. Despite the fact that the $500 billion global freight market transports just about everything we use, wear and consume, an over-reliance on manual offline processes often results in unnecessary delays, price volatility, and other inefficiencies that impact companies’ bottom lines
Wisor was launched to change the status quo. Our B2B digital freight platform is purpose-built to modernize the $500 billion global freight forwarding industry, and accelerate the speed of supply chain journeys.
Our plug & play solution provides an automated quoting solution, allowing freight forwarders to seamlessly generate quotes and communicate with clients in an automated fashion – within minutes, not days. We leverage AI and NLP technologies to simplify the complexity of servicing businesses that rely on the shipping industry, and to provide freight forwarders with the flexibility and functionality they need to adapt to the ever-changing world of global trade.
Using Wisor’s seamless integration and cutting-edge technology, more than 300,000 traditional freight companies, logistics providers, truckers, airlines, ocean liners and leading tech players can increase revenue, enjoy full global APIs connectivity and grow their business.


At its core, the freight forwarding industry is about people. After all, it’s the people who communicate and work together across borders and time zones to facilitate the flow of goods around the globe. Wisor stands at the forefront of transforming the industry’s productivity and performance, and we’re fully committed to using state-of-the art, people-centric technology to make that communication significantly easier, faster, and more accurate.


We aim to move freight forwarding into the future by leveraging a digitally connected, data-powered technology platform and other empowerment tools that strengthen the entire B2B logistics value chain.