Enhancing Supply Chain
Visibility with Wisor

powered by Windward

Providing supply chain players with a new standard of visibility, efficiency, and profitability:

of shipments
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Ports and terminals
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Predicted ETA,10 days ahead
Global coverage
In accuracy (over most TMS)
Unlocking New Capabilities for Our Customers:
Precise ETAs and Customer Visibility
Provide your customers with precise estimated time of arrivals (ETAs) and empower them with visibility into shipment status.
Global Container Tracking
Gain full visibility of container tracking with an impressive 99% global coverage.
Real-Time Updates and Planning Tools
Stay up-to-date with shipment locations and status, leverage planning tools, and make necessary adjustments for optimal use of time and resources

Wisor powered by Windward ETA prediction, Trace & Trace, and Maritime AI Inside, solutions streamline supply chain operations, empower human decision-making, and increase operational

Improving planning
abilities by 163%
Gain visibility on OTIF performance
Invest saved time on efficiency improvements
Save hours of
manual labor

Unlock the full potential of your supply chain and discover a new era of visibility

Take your supply chain visibility to the next level with our integrated solution. Partnering with Windward, we offer you an enhanced experience that drives efficiency and profitability in your operations.