How freight forwarders can improve their customer service by using a digital freight platform?

– By Ofer Zeevy –

American supermarket chain “Stew Leonard” is notable for its customer service policy. At the forefront of every store, there’s a sign which reads:

  1. The customer is always right.
  2. If the customer is ever wrong, reread rule #1

And in the freight business, it’s no different: Giving clients the best possible service is always on the forwarders’ agenda. At the very least, such service includes supplying clients with the most efficient and cost-effective routes and transport methods for their goods.

Employing a digital freight platform can enhance the customer service and experience freight forwarders can give to their clients. Using technology-driven means and processes can secure a faster and more accurate quote delivery process, and present a more transparent, reliable and comprehensive service to importers and exporters seeking to move their goods across the globe.

Once an RFQ with a pick-up and delivery destinations has been sent, there are several ways by which freight forwarders, using a digital platform, can improve on their customer service to clients.

In-minutes, faster issued quotes

Digital freight platforms are able to issue route/price quotes within seconds, and such action enables freight forwarders to quickly compare all offers, choose the best solution and send a formal branded quote to the client.

The digital platform receives all updated price sheets from all vendors, and therefore is able to issue immediate route/price offers with a single search.

When customers receive the best quote quickly, they can approve the shipping cycle immediately and see their goods begin to move into their desired destination.

Providing customers visibility into every aspect of the purchase progress

Digital quotes are transparent and include all details and aspects of the route/price purchase progress. Information on the shipment status, specific price lines on every leg of the route and access to all related documentation are some of the aspects the clients can now easily observe.

Once clients are able to receive end-to-end visibility on all parts of their quotes, and know they were offered the optimal cargo option, they may feel that they are treated much better by freight forwarders.

Easy and effective data management

Each and every quote contains lots of data points, such as the price tags for all main shipping route legs as well as all carrier spot and tariff rates. A digital freight platform can also present all Excel and PDF data from all air, land and sea options.

The platform details, documents and saves all data, including keeping track on all agents and vendors current and past offers and performances, enabling freight forwarders to better manage such data.

As a result, freight forwarders can give their customers a higher quality service, with quotes featuring a combination of the best route/best price offers as well as make sure they choose the most trusted carrier agents out there.

Sustainability and compliance

Digital management of the entire shipping process brings about less paperwork, which cuts the issuance of physical quotes, invoices, shipping documentation and other related cargo handling items.

The digitalization of the shipping process leads to the reduction in emissions, and such a reduction will keep improving as the industry continues to get used to the idea of the digital planning and optimization of transport routes.

Visor AI's digital platform helps freight forwarders deliver a greater customer service to their clients

By using an all-including digital freight platform, freight forwarders can better handle the shippers’ route cycle and perform a higher quality customer service.

Quotes are issued faster and with less errors, freight forwarders can better handle their huge amounts of shipping route and price data, and the entire process becomes more transparent and sustainable.

Using Wisor AI’s technology can help freight forwarders achieve greater control over their entire shipping processes and give their clients a much better service. Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how!